Debra Hyatt Video maker…..

For me film making is all about the story. It can be the story of an experience as in 'Longnor Races’  which was a spur of the moment film shot on my mobile phone  or it can be someting completely different as in the 'Dark Heart of Dunwich’ which was a collaboration and a film where I was largely  the producer making sure the film happened. 

I think it is  the way you film something that really helps to tell the story. The aim being to get beyond the sum of all the parts. 

I hope you will see from the work on show here that I can produce a range of work. I have a keen interest in the natural world, the arts and people. 

Over the years I have led training sessions and made films with children, young people and teachers  in schools, youth centres and community arts settings in London, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow. I have worked in television programme making  and have taught at Further Education and Higher Education level.

Please see my related website www.thelayoftheland.org.uk see my new work exploring the landscape. 

Recent projects have been working with Waveney & Blyth ArtsNorfolk County Council,  Nutmeg Puppet Company and RowbottomParker ennvironmental consultants. Wildeasters writers group. Tin River Folk Band