Debra Hyatt film maker

For me film making is all about the story. It can be the story of an experience as in 'Longnor Races’  which was a spur of the moment film shot on my mobile phone  or it can be someting completely different as in the 'Dark Heart of Dunwich’ which was a collaboration and a film where I was largely  the producer making sure the film happened. 

I think it is  the way you film something that really helps to tell the story. The aim being to get beyond the sum of all the parts. 

I hope you will see from the work on show here that I can produce a range of work. I have a keen interest in the natural world, the arts and people. 

Over the years I have led training sessions and made films with children, young people and teachers  in schools, youth centres and community arts settings in London, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow. I have worked in television programme making  and have taught at Further Education and Higher Education level.

It must be a sign of old age but I am now trying toi find ways of exploring my home landscape in North Staffordshire which can be seen be tenatively explored on the Stoke -on -Trent page.

Recent projects have been working with Waveney & Blyth ArtsNorfolk County Council,  Nutmeg Puppet Company and RowbottomParker ennvironmental consultants. Wildeasters writers group. Tin River Folk Band